Jennifer Mitchell Music 


Music Bingo by Ironic

Jennifer Mitchell Music and Ironic Music Booking Agency have partnered to bring you - Music Bingo by Ironic, a twist on a traditional favorite. 

Players are given a bingo card where traditional bingo numbers have been replaced with song names, artist names, and various other twists!  

This is a game of LUCK and SKILL.

Test your ear and sing-a-long to your favorite tunes. Give Music Bingo by Ironic a try!

You need the LUCK of your BINGO card to have your song played.

You need the SKILL to know the song.

If you don't know the song, get help from your table mate...

Interested in becoming a host?  Contact us!!!  

Find us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/IronicMusicBingo

Email:  [email protected]

To find our next event head over to www.Ironic.it and Click on the Music Bingo Calendar on the top right!!!

Remember chair dancing is encouraged!!  Sing-a-long with all your favorite jams!  See you out there!!!